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Location - West Africa; Capital - Dakar; Population - 13 million; Currency - CFA Franc MORE SENEGAL

I crossed the Gambia river at Banjul and carried on by bus and moped to Foundiougne, Senegal in May 2003.


sennoteThe CFA is the currency of several countries in West Africa, primarily former French colonies










sen2The village of Foundiougne on the Sine-Saloum delta



sen3The Saloum river at Foundiougne


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sen5Dolphins in the Saloum river, on my way to Mar Lodj

















sen6Arriving at Mar Lodj, a beautiful area in the Sine-Saloum delta



sen7My beachside campement at Mar Lodj $600 Bonus


sen8The riverside mangroves at Mar Lodj
















sen9The Saloum river at Mar Lodj

















sen11Mar Lodj village is situated behind the riverside campements



sen12The city streets of Thies, east of Dakar
















sen13The French colonial city of Saint-Louis



sen15The beach at the fishing town of Guet N'Dar, across the Senegal river from Saint-Louis



sen16Boats and goats at the Atlantic Ocean, Guet N'Dar, Saint-Louis















sen18The colourful buildings of Saint-Louis















sen19The Presidential Palace in Dakar



sen22Looking down on the tiny Goree Island from Le Castel
















sen24A World War II gun on Le Castel, Goree Island
















sen28It's a lovely place to walk around and has many colonial buildings - Goree Island



sen26Goree Island is only about 1km from Dakar and brings many locals from the mainland on weekends



sen27The alleyways of Goree Island

















sen29Goree Island was a centre for the shipment of slaves.
On the left is the Slave House, built in 1786















sen30Inside the Slave House (La Maison des Esclaves) on Goree Island



sen31The Slave House's doorway to the Atlantic, Goree Island



sen32A colourful mural on Goree Island
















sen35Saly-Portugal's beach, on the Atlantic coast



sen37A Senegalese drum & dance group in Saly-Portugal



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