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Location - Eastern Europe; Capital - Bratislava; Population - 5.5 million; Currency - Euro MORE SLOVAKIA

Slovakia came into being following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia on 01 January 1993. Flights to Vienna in Austria are often more convenient than Bratislava, and that's what I plumped for. There's direct buses from the airport to the centre of the Slovakian capital - December 2018.


euro1Slovakia switched to the Euro in 2009










slovakia68The airport bus dropped me off in sub-zero temperatures next to the Danube River, overlooked by the UFO tower on the Novy Most (New Bridge) - Bratislava


slovakia38Take a lift up to the UFO's viewing platform - Bratislava


slovakia43On the left is Bratislava Castle while on the right, next to the main road, is St Martin's Cathedral - Bratislava















slovakia46Boats docked on the Danube River - Bratislava















slovakia47Bratislava Castle stands on a hill above the city - Bratislava


slovakia50Buckets for urinals, like it! - Bratislava


slovakia36Crossing the Danube on the Novy Most, or New Bridge - Bratislava














slovakia32The lights shine on Bratislava Castle - Bratislava














slovakia9It's a short walk up snowy steps to the castle - Bratislava


slovakia12Not sure if this canine look will catch on - Bratislava


slovakia13Most of Bratislava Castle was rebuilt in the 1950s after its destruction in an 1811 fire - Bratislava














slovakia16The UFO and the Danube - Bratislava
















slovakia19A slippery walk down Zamocke Schody - Bratislava


slovakia21The yellow 18th century building is now a clock museum - Bratislava


slovakia71Military-based street art next to the central bus station - Bratislava













slovakia1Michalska, pictured with St Michael's Gate, is one of the livelier streets in the Old Town (Stari Grad) - Bratislava













slovakia102Take the steps up St Michael's Tower for a panorama of Michalska, the UFO tower and the castle - Bratislava


slovakia5A dimly lit sidestreet off Michalska in the Old Town - Bratislava


slovakia23The 14th century St Martin's Cathedral - Bratislava














slovakia27Bright murals are on display behind the cathedral - Bratislava














slovakia8The Old Town walls bear what looks like the flag of Bratislava


slovakia59On no! The Man At Work sculpture's disappeared, probably the most photographed sight in Bratislava

slovakia61Phew! A few days later he reappeared, probably having been off for a Christmas clean - Bratislava


slovakia97 Danish author Hans Christian Andersen stands at the top of Hviezdoslavovo Nam - Bratislava














slovakia65 There were a couple of Christmas markets in the Old Town, with Hviezdoslavovo Nam being the larger - Bratislava















slovakia67I had a go at some hot wines, punches as well as Demanovka (nice!) - Bratislava


slovakia130Bratislava Castle and St Martin's Cathedral from the Sky Bar on Hviezdoslavovo Nam - Bratislava


slovakia135A building that's seen better times - Bratislava















slovakia75Another welcoming statue doffs his hat at Hlavne Nam - Bratislava
















slovakia85Hlavne Nam's Christmas market has a cosier feel - Bratislava

slovakia88There's the usual mulled wines & hot drinks, food, souvenirs, clothes and festive gifts at the Christmas market - Bratislava


slovakia92aDon't fancy meeting that on a dark night - Bratislava














slovakia35A sizeable mural of Lenin at the KGB Bar on Obchodna, outside the Old Town - Bratislava














slovakia55Eurovea shopping centre decorated for Christmas - Bratislava


slovakia57Guess what gives the 1911 Blue Church its name? - Bratislava


slovakia96Looking a little uncomfortable at a park near the Blue Church - Bratislava














slovakia113A 20min walk north west of the Old Town, on Slavin Hill, is the Slavin War Memorial honouring Soviet soldiers who died liberating Slovakia in WWII - Bratislava














slovakia126A little bit of street art on the way to Slavin Hill - Bratislava


slovakia122Another communist-era memorial is the Monument to the Slovak National Uprising, dedicated to those who rose up against the Nazis in WWII - Bratislava


slovakia127A huge mural on the side of a residential building - Bratislava















slovakia138 I think this cheeky guy was above a kebab shop - Bratislava















slovakia139I'd like to know the significance of these names, painted outside government offices, surely a protest against something? - Bratislava


slovakia140Another blast from the communist past, in the shape of an upside down pyramid, are the offices of Radio & Television Slovakia - Bratislava


slovakia149 In the village of Devin, 9km from Bratislava, is Devin Castle














slovakia158Unfortunately for me, because of the snow the castle was closed on safety grounds - Bratislava















slovakia160Behind the castle is the Gate of Freedom Memorial, commemorating the Iron Curtain that separated communist eastern Europe from the west and those who died at this border - Bratislava


slovakia166Devin Castle is located at the meeting of the Morava (right) and Danube rivers, forming the border with Austria pictured on the opposite banks. This location was effectively a physical representation of the Iron Curtain - Bratislava


slovakia171Christmas decorations adorn Hurbanovo Namestie - Bojnice















slovakia173Bojnice Castle, the town's main draw, looms high above the surrounds - Bojnice















slovakia183The 12th century Bojnice Castle is largely a 20th century reconstruction but still has a superb setting - Bojnice


slovakia193In the foreground is the 'tower on the lake' in the castle park - Bojnice


slovakia194Again i couldn't enter the castle as it was a Monday, and Monday = closed. Oops.. - Bojnice
















slovakia196I had a peek through the entrance and took these photos - Bojnice



















slovakia199Autumn's in full swing at Bojnice


slovakia213A bird's eye view of Trencin from the castle
















slovakia232Trencin Castle was open when I visited. Third time lucky! - Trencin















slovakia220The 15th century castle (with many renovations over the centuries) stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the town - Trencin


slovakia217The viewing platform at the top of the castle's Mathias Tower - Trencin


slovakia230It was a rain soaked day but it cleared enough to see the hills framing the town, plus the Vah River - Trencin














slovakia203A 16th century covered staircase leads down from the castle - Trencin














slovakia234..or you can take the road - Trencin


slovakia235The castle looms over Mierove Nam, the pedestrian centre - Trencin


slovakia240Ask the Hotel Elizabeth if you can see the Roman inscription of 179AD, viewed through a window on the first floor.
It reads: 'To the victors of emperors and army which, numbering 855 soldiers, resided at Laugaricio. Inscribed by order of Maximianus, legate of the II auxiliary legion' - Trencin













slovakia245A glass lift in the City Tower provides a view of Mierove Nam and the 17th century Piarist Church - Trencin


slovakia247So this was how crappy the weather was - the castle's there, honest! - Trencin


slovakia255The Clock Tower, back left, and Piarist Church, right, on Mierove Nam - Trencin















slovakia251The castle tries its best to shine through the mist - Trencin
















slovakiabeer17An excellent place on Mierove Nam is Restaurant Lanias, a craft brewery with all these beers for sale - Trencin




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