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Location - South east Europe; Capital - Ljubljana; Population - 2.1 million; Currency - Euro

Frequent buses ply the two hour journey between Zagreb and Ljubljana, the small but appealing capital of Slovenia - October 2017.


euro1Slovenia is part of the Euro zone










slovenia8The brightly coloured Franciscan Church of the Annunciation lies on Preseren Square - Ljubljana


slovenia7The Triple Bridge traverses the Ljubljanica River to Preseren Square - Ljubljana


slovenia1To the right of the Franciscan church on Preseren Square is Urbanc Palace - Ljubljana















slovenia10There's plenty of tourist boats riding the Ljubljanica River - Ljubljana
















yugoslavianote3Josip Broz Tito appears on an old Yugoslavian 5,000 Dinar note

slovenianote oldSlovenia's first post-Yugoslavia note was the Tolar


slovenia12A big WOW outside the Tourist Office - Ljubljana















slovenia14 A street full of character on the route up to the castle - Ljubljana















slovenia15Onwards to Castle Hill, or take the funicular (like I did) - Ljubljana


slovenia29Most of Ljubljana Castle's buildings date back to the 16th & 17th centuries - Ljubljana


slovenia23Climb the watchtower for great views of the capital and mountains beyond - Ljubljana















slovenia28Centre left is the Franciscan Church and Preseren Square. At 10:30 from the church is the communist-era tower, Neboticnik. Bottom left are buildings lining Stari Trg, or Old Square - Ljubljana















slovenia43A dragon adorns its namesake the Dragon Bridge, with the Cathedral dome behind - Ljubljana


slovenia57The 18th century Ljubljana Cathedral, officially called St Nicholas's Church - Ljubljana


slovenia51A leafy section of the Ljubljanica River on a boat tour of Ljubljana














slovenia52 Passing Plecnikova Arcade and the fish market on the right - Ljubljana














slovenia56The lively open-air market stretches from the Tourist Information Office past the Cathedral (pictured) - Ljubljana


slovenia55I've never seen a milk machine before! Bring your own carton? - Ljubljana


slovenia58Sampling some local cuisine at the market - Ljubljana















slovenia66There's a great bustling atmosphere along the river banks at the weekend - Ljubljana















slovenia65The bars and cafes are full. And there's plenty of them! Ljubljana


slovenia69Rock 'n' Roll shutter - Ljubljana



slovenia71Mestni Trg, or Town Square, and Stari Trg (Old Square) form the heart of the Old Town - Ljubljana















slovenia74 The cobbled streets of Stari Trg are dotted with restaurants and boutique shops - Ljubljana















slovenia76Outdoor cafes in the Old Town - Ljubljana


slovenia81A quiet street off Gornji Trg - Ljubljana


slovenia82Street art in Ljubljana















slovenia83Looking up to Ljubljana Castle from Congress Square (Kongresni Trg) - Ljubljana















slovenia86The castle watchtower perches on Castle Hill, leading down to the Old Town and Ljubljanica River - Ljubljana


slovenia90The face of Napoleon looks over French Revolution Square (Trg Francoske Revolucije) - Ljubljana


slovenia91Trubarjeva Cesta is one of the graffiti-laden backstreets near Dragon Bridge - Ljubljana















slovenia46Trubarjeva Cesta hosts several cafes popular with students - Ljubljana














slovenia92A cheeky, welcoming train at the station - Ljubljana


slovenia93Mountainous scenery near Bled on the train to Austria and back to London via Munich
















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