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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Madrid; Population - 46 million; Currency - Euro MORE SPAIN

I continued from France to Barcelona and Seville in the Summer of 1991. Some of the photos aren't great - my apologies!


spnoteThe currency back in 1991 was the Peseta










euroToday the Peseta has been replaced by the Euro










sp1La Sagrada Familia church, designed by Gaudi, Barcelona. One day they'll finish building it. One day..

More info here



sp3 At the end of Las Ramblas in Barcelona is a statue of Christopher Colombus $600 Bonus


sp8The Cathedral in the beautiful city of Seville















sp9La Giralda tower - part of the Seville Cathedral complex. La Giralda originally stood as the minaret of a mosque built on the site.















sp10Inside The Alcazar, Seville



sp11The lovely gardens of the Alcazar, Seville
















sp12Alcazar gardens, Seville
















sp13The Jewish quarter of Seville



sp14Getting in the way of Plaza de Espana, Seville



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