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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Madrid; Population - 46 million; Currency - Euro MORE SPAIN

I went out to Spain in 1995 with £45 and a one way flight to Malaga looking for work. I came home a week later.

I returned a few months later with a whopping £90 and found a great job in Fuengirola. I stayed for about 8 months.

Wherever I've gone abroad to work I've hardly taken any photos - of people or places. It's only when I leave that I realise.. Hi to all those I met in Fuengirola.


spainnoteThe Spanish Peseta was the currency in 1995










euroNow replaced by the Euro










spa4At the Cottage Bar, Fuengirola, an Irish bar. I think I was a bit hungover here



spa1With my fantastic boss Gael, Cottage Bar, Fuengirola. The Pyramides Hotel behind the pub was bombed by ETA, and destroyed much of this pub



spa8With Mark, who also worked in Fuengirola
















spa7Gael's partner Rolf at the Cottage Bar, Fuengirola



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