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There's brilliant street art and graffiti all over the world, with festivals popping up in more and more places. Here's just some of what I've come across in my travels, beginning with London & England plus Scotland. MORE STREET ART



eng4000There's lots of superb graffiti, murals and street art around Shoreditch and Old Street in east London. The Tube carriages form part of Village Underground, an arts venue and creative community - London


eng4022This is my favourite; Superman holds up a leaning lamp-post just off Brick Lane. I went back a few weeks later and it had gone. Shame! - London


eng4027Also off Brick Lane is a Palestinian child cleverly made from text - London













eng4019Meanwhile the Queen plays the accordion - London

















eng4017There's several 'stiks' in and around Brick Lane. This one is unusual as it's one of the few expressing anger/frustration - London


eng4003aThis hedgehog, or long haired rodent (you decide!) by Belgian artist ROA is opposite Shoreditch High Street station - London


eng4006aKeep a beady eye out for quirky artwork, especially in east London. These roaming animals, by Art is Trash, are on double yellow lines near the 'hedgehog' - London












eng4026Huge wall murals, again near Brick Lane. For anyone who doesn't know Brick Lane, it's a famous curry mile near Liverpool Street in east London













eng4008A mural dedicated to an American teenager killed in USA. I can't remember the story to this so please pass on if you know - London


eng4032Ghost Driver, now preserved like a museum piece near Liverpool Street, is a Banksy. Above the car is Ronzo's Crunchy Credit, chewing on a pound coin - London


eng4063A ribboned, cigar smoking woman by street artist Otto Schade - London
















eng4072Brightly coloured owls are Dscreet's signature - London

















eng4071Horizontal Stik was originally in the vertical black frame but later appeared being 'carried away' (above) by big Stik. Like it! London


eng4080Pure Evil depicts bleeding eyes, in 3D, as well as cartoon bunnies. He has a gallery on Leonard Street - London


eng4085'Just Look At This' along with Stik and several others - London













eng4090El Mac's Mexican peasant farmer - London













eng4094eng4093Vhils (tag on the right) chipped away at plaster to reveal this superb portrait (noone famous as far as I know) - London


eng4163Definitely check out Rivington Street which has so much quality street art - London


eng4166I love this cheeky fox - London














eng4175These miniature faces, with eyes closed, just started appearing in 2014, signed off by Gzegos - London

















eng4167Ben Wilson decorates chewing gum left on the streets. Councils tried to prosecute him but it was ruled that though the pavement was public property, the gum wasn't, therefore no crime was committed - London


eng4169Perspex protects most Banksy's that haven't already been removed for profit, this one being in the grounds of Cargo, a bar on Rivington Street - London


eng5657Hidden behind tarpaulin near the BT Tower is an obscured view of another Banksy: 'If graffiti changed anything - it would be illegal' - London


eng4176A sprinting panther, with an oxygen tank on its back? - London













eng4187'99% of people will not notice this' - London












eng4185Jonesey places his bronze sculptures on road signs. Easy to miss! London


eng4191Here a child plucks nuclear signs from the ground. Otto Schade often comments on environmental issues - London


eng6427Another good area for street art is Hackney Wick, across the canal from the Olympic Park in Stratford - London














eng6431Shithouse to Penthouse - plenty of street art going on in this derelict building close to the Crate Brewery - London













eng6425The entrance to the canalside No.90 Bar & Kitchen in Hackney Wick - London


eng6496I thought this mural at Brixton market was someone famous, but it's a portrait of one of the market stallholders - London


eng6434Stik comes in many guises. Street art on the South Bank - London















eng4947The graffiti tunnel on Leake Street, a few blocks behind the London Eye - London















eng6255This David Bowie mural opposite Brixton tube station serves as a homage to the singer. He died in January 2016, a year before this photo was taken - London


eng6261Brixton has an atmosphere all of its own, a bohemian place with a strong Afro-Caribbean flavour, niche shops and a hefty dose of street art - London



eng99One of many paintings by street artist Banksy.
This is Chalk Farm Maid, opposite Chalk Farm tube station in north west London. Oops! It's now been painted over.
More info on Banksy art locations and his official site


















eng1158A slightly worse for wear Banksy at Bethnal Green, east London. The double yellow lines of the flower used to carry on to the pavement and to the road.

















eng6435A Hitchcock street mural off Leytonstone High Road - London


eng6248(Commissioned?) street art on the streets of Walthamstow, a short bus ride from Leytonstone in east London


england2070An eye catching shop shutter on the way to Walthamstow - London
















england2120The entrance to the Copeland Park Industrial Estate. Peckham's got a lively nightlife especially around Blenheim Grove and the Levels, a converted indoor car park - London


















england2126Walk along the Regent's Canal towpath from King's Cross to Camden - London


eng1415Graffiti on a shop wall in The Lanes - Brighton, England















eng1427Graffiti at St George's Mews - Brighton, England















eng1782A ladies toilet door in a Winchester, England pub. Luckily the scenario of a woman opening the door to a guy with camera didn't play out...



eng1812In the summer/autumn of 2011 Salisbury Cathedral hosted Conflux, an excellent exhibition by Sean Henry - Salisbury, England


















eng1824Part of the Conflux message is that the holy is in all people, like the ordinary working man. The young self looking at the old self - Salisbury, England














eng1828The sculptures are dotted around all nooks and crannies of the Cathedral - Salisbury


eng2458On the way to the Custard Factory, in Digbeth, is this mural dedicated to former US President John F Kennedy - Birmingham, England


eng2480The Custard Factory is a fantastic mix of independent shops, boutiques and visual art and installations - Birmingham, England














eng2459The Custard Factory dresses up - Birmingham, England


















eng2468It was easily my favourite attraction in Birmingham, England


eng2477From what the locals said the paint on this piece was still drying - Custard Factory, Birmingham, England


eng2822Slow going: Walking between Westgate Road and Neville Street - Newcastle, England















eng2828The Queen says hi - Newcastle, England




















eng2920Graffiti on Parr Street in the Ropewalks quarter - Liverpool


eng2922Social comment in Ropewalks - Liverpool


eng2942Cute Lambananas are all over Liverpool, made following the city being the European Capital of Culture in 2008















eng2946'A Case History' is an interesting and quirky sculpture on Hope Street, between the city's two cathedrals - Liverpool














eng6051'Get your fringe benefits here' - graffiti in a run-down building on the seafront - Ventnor, Isle of Wight, England


scotland694Upside legs wearing wellies, of course! Oban, Scotland














scotland714Mural outside a shop on the way down from McCaig's Tower - Oban, Scotland
















scotland924The Kelpies are absolutely stunning and in my opinion a must see - Falkirk, Scotland



scotland930The steel structures were completed in 2013 and opened to the public the following year, a gateway to an extension of the Forth and Clyde Canal - Falkirk, Scotland



scotland941Sculptor Andy Scott's inspiration for The Kelpies comes from the mythological shapeshifting water-horses (aka kelpies), combined with the role horses played in canal transport in years gone by - Falkirk, Scotland


















scotland961When in Falkirk I read that Andy Scott had other sculptures in the nearby city of Alloa, Scotland. This is 'I Can See For Miles', immediately outside the train station





















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