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Location - North east Africa; Capital - Khartoum; Population - 31 million; Currency - Sudanese Pound

There's several sights to take in at Karima including pyramids, ancient tombs with hieroglyphics as well as the Nile - December 2012. MORE SUDAN


sudannote1The Sudanese Pound replaced the Dinar in 2007 following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement with South Sudan







sudan328Climb Jebel Barkal for a glorious view of Karima set against the blue waters of the Nile


sudan337You can even make out the pyramids at Nuri a few kilometres away. It also highlights how lush green the land is close to the Nile - Karima


sudan329A couple make their way down Jebel Barkal's rocky 'path' - Karima













sudan333 There's also a bird's eye view of the high class Nubian Rest House from the mountain - Karima












sudan345On the opposite side of Jebel Barkal are several pyramids on the edge of the Nubian Desert - Karima


sudan346Sliding down the sandy slope is a great way to reach the bottom. And it's quick! Karima


sudan351The Napata pyramids are a royal cemetery chosen after Nuri was abandoned, before moving on to Meroe - Karima














sudan355The Napatan pyramids date to around the 3rd century BC - Karima













sudan362The Kushite empire and was also known as the 25th Dynasty of Egypt or the Nubian Dynasty and Napata was its capital - Karima


sudan326The avenue of sphinxes leads to the 15th century BC Temple of Amun in the shadow of Jebel Barkal - Karima


sudan270A full moon rises between pillars of the 15th century BC Temple of Mut, built by King Taharqa - Karima













sudan274Mut was an Egyptian goddess and bride of Amun - Karima















sudan268A silhouette of Jebel Barkal's southern edge at sunset - Karima


sudan369Pay a visit to the sumptuous Nubian Rest House and take in the views of Jebel Barkal - Karima


sudan370The grounds of the beautiful Italian-run Nubian Rest House - Karima













sudan294The ghaffir leads us to one of two Kushite royal cemetery tombs open to the public at El Kurru, a short drive from Karima


sudan284Inside the tomb of Tanwetamani, successor to Taharqa, who died in the 7th century BC - El Kurru


sudan293Hieropglyphics inside Tanwetamani's tomb - El Kurru












sudan291The second tomb belongs to Tanwetamani's mother, Qalhata - El Kurru













sudan300sudan302These paintings inside the tomb depict Qalhata's death (left) followed by her movement to the afterlife (right) - El Kurru


sudan304Scattered around are several petrified trees (trees turned to stone) - El Kurru


sudan309Also a short drive from Karima is Nuri, home to a royal cemetery dating back to the 7th century BC












sudan310Nineteen kings were buried at Nuri















sudan307Taharqa's pyramid, arguably the most powerful pharoah in Sudanese history. He chose to be buried here, around 664BC, rather than at nearby El Kurru - Nuri


sudan319The crumbling pyramids of Nuri


sudan374Driving past the Red Sea Mountains in an air-conditioned coach from Atbara to Port Sudan












sudan377The best thing about Port Sudan is enjoying the lively evenings near the port where families and friends flock to eat, drink and chat - Port Sudan


sudan379Overlooking the Red Sea with coffee and a juice. Beware! Alcohol is illegal in Sudan - Port Sudan


sudan380Setting out restaurant tables and chairs - Port Sudan













sudan389I'm guessing these guys are local politicians - Port Sudan













sudan388sudan381Chicken police hunt and OMG Sudan - Posters in Port Sudan


sudan384It rains in Sudan? It certainly does, so the Coral Hotel's swimming pool was the perfect place to be - Port Sudan


sudan392Take a walk along the dockside boulevard - Port Sudan













sudan393 Get used to cats appearing from nowhere when dining al fresco in Sudan - Port Sudan













sudan394Getting ready for a photo opportunity - Port Sudan


sudan397The ancient port town of Suakin is a 50 minute bus ride from Port Sudan













sudan399The main town is all hustle and bustle with market stalls aplenty - Suakin












sudan405Rickshaws imported from India are widespread in Sudan - Suakin


sudan406Suakin fell into disrepair following the construction of Port Sudan by the British at the beginning of the 20th century


sudan427But the town still ferries passengers to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. But not in this boat obviously.. Suakin















sudan402Men repair their boats on the causeway to Suakin Island. Maybe this one has already gone to boat heaven - Suakin














sudan420The main reason to visit is to see the coral-built ruins of tiny Suakin Island - Suakin


sudan415As you can see through the gateway, much of the island is in decay - Suakin


sudan426Khorshid Effendi's House was also the residence of the British army's Field Marshal Kitchener - Suakin












sudan433Khorshid Effendi's House was originally a trader's home - Suakin














sudan430The demonic cats of Suakin - legend has it the cats are possessed, though this one just looked sleepy - Suakin


sudan423A local does a spot of fishing in the Red Sea - Suakin


sudan434A lot of work was going on constructing a new custom's office on the island. Presumably as part of the contract the mosques were also being renovated - Suakin












sudan44030km north of Port Sudan is the Sudan Red Sea Resort - Port Sudan


sudan446The resort offers diving but there's no beach to speak of and it's been a building site for a while - Port Sudan


sudan445It's a shame as the location has huge potential and the people are friendly. Try it out if you're going diving/snorkelling - Port Sudan












sudan441Love it! Posters on the bathroom walls explain how to use a western style toilet. Not sure what's wrong with top-right but haven't got a clue what's going on bottom-right. Is that a window?! Port Sudan














sudan447The bay waters surrounding the Sudan Red Sea Resort are very shallow making it easy to use fishing nets on foot - Port Sudan


sudan451Clouds float across the setting sun with the hazy Red Sea Mountains below - Port Sudan


sudan458 There's not too many countries that could make better use of solar panels than Sudan, and there's plenty of them - Port Sudan













sudan455 The Red Sea glistens under a full moon - Port Sudan













sudan458cNo speedometer (or any gauge for that matter), rusting floor exposing the tarmac below, a bonnet tied down with rope, cracked windscreen, massive oversteer, dashboard equipment fell off, no seatbelts. But the brakes worked, so we booked this driver several times.. Port Sudan


sudan461My favourite place in Sudan was the eastern city of Kassala, next to the Eritrean border













sudan462The huge, other-worldly granite boulders of the Taka Mountains - Kassala












sudan474At the base of the Taka Mountains is the 19th century Khatmiyah Mosque - Kassala


sudan471Followers of the Sufi order, and goats, congregate at the mosque - Kassala


sudan471aAdmiring the Khatmiyah Mosque - Kassala













sudan473Boulders and straw-roofed huts surround the mosque - Kassala












sudan477At the mosque were the most chilled and relaxed followers I've come across - Kassala


sudan479And the kids loved having their photo taken - Kassala


sudan482Close by are numerous cafes on the slopes of Jebel Toteil - Kassala












sudan480We came across more souvenirs here than anywhere else in the country besides Omdurman Souq - Kassala












sudan486aIt's a picturesque area and a great place to take a coffee while the sun goes down - Kassala


sudan487Thick Turkish-style coffee, popcorn and incense. A straw-like grass is placed in the coffee pot to filter - Kassala


sudan486bOur taxi driver showed us this little gem of a spot - Kassala













sudan492Bovine curiosity at a roadside cafe - Kassala














sudan491sudan490Sudanese food rarely involves cutlery. Use the bread provided to soak up fuul (stewed beans, left) or combine bread with fingers to attack grilled chicken, rice and salad (right) - Kassala



sudan495Beja men chat at a drinks stall - Kassala



sudan496Minibuses, 4x4s and taxis at the local bus station - Kassala














sudan513cAnother reason to come to Kassala is the souq














sudan498The market sells everything from fruit and vegetables to car tyres. Tailors, mechanics and porters compete for space with mopeds, donkeys and horses - Kassala


sudan502The Beja are traditionally a nomadic people herding livestock and are found in Kassala, Atbara and along the coast. The men are recognisable by their curly hair and waistcoats. With a fearless warrior reputation, Rudyard Kipling called them the Fuzzy-Wuzzies - Kassala



sudan510Brightly clothed local women in the market - Kassala














sudan503A veiled woman in Kassala souq - Kassala














sudan501Beja men selling erm.. any ideas? Kassala Souq - Kassala


sudan508You'll come acrosss clay pots containing water for passers by. The water seeps through the clay (hence the slight moss covering) which somehow keeps the water cool - Kassala


sudan512Kassala Souq - Kassala














sudan513aDonkeys live up to their name as the beasts of burden in Sudan - Kassala















sudan500The souq quietens down come nightfall - Kassala



sudan516Sunset over Kassala



sudan521A different take on a traffic jam. Well over a hundred camels block our coach to Wad Medani













sudan526The gardens of the Nile Hotel - Wad Medani


sudan529A coffee pot in a riverside park - Wad Medani



sudan536Relaxing at a cafe on the banks of the Nile - Wad Medani














sudan538Resting on the sandbanks - Wad Medani














sudan540A family day out on the opposite bank of the Nile - Wad Medani



sudan546A beautifully serene River Nile - Wad Medani



sudan549Tea lady outside the Continental Hotel - Wad Medani















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