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Location - South America; Capital - Paramaribo; Population - 500,000; Currency - Suriname Dollar

We took a boat across the Maroni river from French Guiana to Albina in Suriname, moving on to Paramaribo, in February 2004.


surnote1In 2004 Suriname was in a process of transition from the Suriname Guilder to the Suriname Dollar










sur2Roadside stalls on the road from Albina to Paramaribo



sur3Paramaribo's cathedral dates to 1885




















sur5A carnival parade in Paramaribo
















sur7The carnival brings drummers on to the streets of Paramaribo



sur8The 17th century Fort Zeelandia overlooks the Suriname river in Paramaribo



sur9The view from Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo



















sur10Paramaribo's mosque sits next to the main synagogue (which is set back in this photo)















sur11Flower sellers line the street opposite the Palmentuin gardens in Paramaribo



sur11aColonial buildings in Paramaribo



sur13I think this was a legal office along Lim-a-Postraat, Paramaribo
















sur14Driving through the Maroon (or Bush Negro) village of Klass Creek. The Maroons are descendants of slaves that fled to the South American interior




The Brokopondo reservoir in Brownsberg Nature Reserve



sur17The reservior viewpoint at Brownsberg Nature Reserve















sur18On the Suriname/Guyana border is the town of Nieuw Nickerie



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