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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Stockholm; Population - 10 million; Currency - Swedish Krone

It's only 30min by train across the amazing Oresund Bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo in southern Sweden - December 2017.


swedennoteThe Swedish Krone










sweden100Lilla Torg is the tourist hub of the old town, decorated for Christmas - Malmo


sweden102Love the lampshade! I read that the Giant Lamp makes a tour of the city's squares through the year before returning to Lilla Torg for Christmas - Malmo


sweden97This medieval construction on Lilla Torg houses the Form/Design Center - Malmo















sweden95A half-timbered building in the Form/Design Center's courtyard, a design museum and gallery - Malmo















sweden99At last I see a blue sky in Scandinavia! Unfortunately it was the only one I saw in 10 days - Malmo


sweden81Christmas present lights in Gustav Adolfs Torg (trog meaning square in Swedish) - Malmo


sweden89The Optimistic Orchestra marches past Stortorget - Malmo
















sweden92Stortorget is a square located right next to Lilla Torg - Malmo















sweden91The fountain in Stortorget - Malmo


sweden83A sculpture by Tony Cragg near Triangle Station - Malmo


sweden82St John's Church towers behind the sculpture - Malmo















sweden85The early 20th century St John's Church - Malmo
















sweden75Alcohol in Sweden is controlled by the government. Only drinks with 3.5% alcohol are allowed to be sold in shops. With the exception of bars and licensed restaurants, anything stronger can only be bought at a Systembolaget. There's only three that I could see on the map near central Malmo but boy do they have a big selection! - Malmo


sweden105A much older church is the 14th century St Peter's Church, a couple of blocks east of Stortorget - Malmo


sweden41The 15th century Malmo Castle was rebuilt in the 16th century and is now a museum and exhibition centre - Malmo















sweden48Outside the castle is one of the White Buses used in World War II. They transported concentration camp inmates to Sweden, a neutral country in the war - Malmo














sweden46Opposite the castle are fishermen's huts and a fish market - Malmo


sweden49Taking the sheep for a walk. Or are they off to market? - Malmo


sweden51Behind the castle is a large park with gardens and its own windmill - Malmo















sweden54 Entering this sculpture's name 'Pojke Med Gass' in google translate returns 'Boy with Gas'. Doesn't make any sense to me! - Malmo















sweden55On my way throudh Ribersborg Park to the beach - Malmo


sweden63You get a good view of the Turning Torso from Ribersborg Beach. It's a 190m twisting apartment block and the tallest building in Sweden - Malmo


sweden66The Oresund Bridge connects Malmo to Copenhagen across 16km of sea via bridge, artificial island and tunnel. The aerial photo of it looks so weird, as the bridge disappears in the middle of the sea! - Malmo













sweden27Approaching the main train station from the old town - Malmo
















sweden5It's a quick 15mins by train north of Malmo to the university town of Lund


sweden2The entrance to Kulturen, an open-air museum with buildings from the middle ages to the 1930s - Lund


sweden10'Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens'. I reckon the church has erected this in a bid to provoke discussion - Lund














sweden11Lund is an easy half-day or day trip from Malmo















sweden19The bulky Lund Cathedral (Domkyrkan) stands in Lundagard Park in the centre of Malmo


sweden20Next door to the cathedral is the Liberiet, originally built in the 15th century as a library - Lund


sweden17In the same grounds is the 16th century King's House (Kungshuset), part of Lund University - Lund
















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