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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Berne; Population - 8 million; Currency - Swiss Franc MORE SWITZERLAND

An overnight sleeper train from Aachen in Germany to Switzerland in search of more enclaves. Switzerland is greedy, it has two of the five enclaves in western Europe. I arrived in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen near the German border to seek out the German enclave of Busingen - April 2014.


swissnote20 Swiss Francs











switz46The Metzgerbrunnen (Butcher's Fountain) statue stands in Fronwagplatz - Schaffhausen


switz45Fronwagplatz is the heart of Schaffhausen, with several cafes from which you can watch the world go by


switz51A short walk from Fronwagplatz is St Johann's Church in Kirchhofplatz - Schaffhausen













switz52One of the narrow alleys in the Alstadt (Old Town) - Schaffhausen

















switz54Climbing the steps between the vineyards to Munot, a 16th century fortress - Schaffhausen


switz57The Munot is a great place to get a bird eye's view of Schaffhausen. Allerheiligen Munster's spire (All Saints Cathedral) is on the left with St Johann's on the right


switz60There's also excellent views of the Rhine River from Munot - Schaffhausen















switz62The 15th century Haus zum Ritter is famous for its vivid frescoes - Schaffhausen


















switz63In the courtyard of the 12th century Allerheiligen Munster (All Saints Cathedral) - Schaffhausen


switz67A market occupies the square at Herrenacker - Schaffhausen


switz71Centuries ago the Vorstadt was the home of the wealthy - Schaffhausen














switz72 It's now one of the main shopping streets - Schaffhausen















switz69Vorstadt is also known for its oriel bay windows and ancient frescoes - Schaffhausen


switz73Guterhof is easily the best place for an evening out. It's an inviting bar and restaurant on the banks of the Rhine - Schaffhausen


switz95The waters of the Rhine on the way to the Rheinfall, a superb attraction on the outskirts of Schaffhausen















switz77The Rhine Falls are the largest falls in Europe - Schaffhausen














switz83The medieval Schloss Laufen overlooks the 23m high Rheinfall - Schaffhausen


switz85Take a boat trip for a closer look - Schaffhausen


switz104..Or head for this viewpoint on the Schloss Laufen side of the falls - Schaffhausen














switz106Up close and personal at the Rheinfall - Schaffhausen















switz113Just half-an-hour away from Schaffhausen is the quaint riverside town of Stein am Rhein


switz111Hohenklingen Castle sits on the hill above Stein am Rhein


switz127 The Rathaus (Town Hall, left) heads the lovely Rathausplatz - Stein am Rhein














switz128 The Rathausplatz really is beautiful - Stein am Rhein














switz13816th century houses surround the Town Hall and the Rathausplatz - Stein am Rhein


switz137More ancient frescoes. And oriel bay windows of course - Stein am Rhein


switz131 Plenty of cafes and restaurants line the square - Stein am Rhein














switz118 The town is a small network of cobbled streets and alleyways - Stein am Rhein














switz119And lots of souvenir shops - Stein am Rhein


switz121The courtyard of St George's Monastery on the Rhine - Stein am Rhein


switz142Diessenhofen is a Swiss town also on the banks of the Rhine between Stein am Rhein and Schaffhausen














A customs sign at the entrance to the bridge crossing the Rhine from Switzerland to Germany - Diessenhofen


switz146Another attractive riverside view - Diessenhofen


switz151Vineyards in the German town of Gailingen, opposite Diessenhofen














switz75The Rhine looks serene on the walk to the German enclave of Busingen am Hochrhein - Schaffhausen



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