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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Berne; Population - 8 million; Currency - Swiss Franc MORE SWITZERLAND

From Busingen it was on to the second enclave in Switzerland, Campione d'Italia, a small piece of Italy on Lake Lugano. So the perfect base was the Swiss city of Lugano, an Italian speaking lakeside resort - April 2014.


swissnote20 Swiss Francs











switz154The train journey from Zurich to Lugano passes some great scenery including several Alpine lakes. After Lake Zurich comes Lake Zug


switz155And soon after is Lake Lucerne


switz159Walking along cobbled shopping streets in Lugano. The red booths are being prepared as Easter stalls













switz162Gabbani is a famous delicatessen selling sausages et al - Lugano














switz165The Cantonale Art Museum is on the left - Lugano


switz167Piazza della Riforma is the centre of the city - Lugano


switz170It's a hive of activity during the day with lots of bars and al fresco dining - Lugano













switz171 I love this statue in Piazza Indipendenza - Lugano














switz172Parco Civico is a place to lounge around with friends and family - Lugano


switz174The park is on the shores of Lake Lugano - Lugano


switz178The Alps serve as a backdrop to San Lorenzo Cathedral - Lugano













switz189Arcaded lakeside buildings at Lake Lugano - Lugano















switz193The shimmering waters of Lake Lugano - Lugano


switz197A tree-lined boulevard on the waterfront - Lugano


switz195Lake Lugano's promenade - Lugano














switz196The shore curves around and rises to 925m Monte Bre with snow capped mountains between - Lugano














switz226The San Salvatore funicular climbs to the top of Monte San Salvatore - Lugano



The views from San Salvatore are absolutely superb: the deep blue lake, the city sprawl and the snow capped Alpine mountains as a backdrop - Lugano


switz207Take in the 360° views - Lugano















switz219On top of Monte San Salvatore - Lugano














switz216The city of Lugano curves around the lake - Lugano


switz220The reason I came to Lugano was to visit the Italian enclave below, Campione d'Italia, surrounded by Switzerland


switz223Middle left near the lakeshore is the vast Casino Municipale - Campione d'Italia














switz206The link between Campione d'Italia and Lugano














switz228The Alps surrounding Lugano are around 2,500 to 3,000m high - Lugano



On the opposite end of the city is the funicular to Monte Bre - Lugano


switz240The pastel yellow building is a restaurant, ideal for absorbing more stunning views - Lugano













switz234 Campione d'Italia is on the left, Monte San Salvatore on the right - Lugano














switz236The peak on the left is Monte San Salvatore, leading down to Lugano


switz241Street art on the tunnel beneath the train station - Lugano


switz187My next stop by night, Campione d'Italia. As usual it's dominated by the casino, lit up here in red - Campione d'Italia














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