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Location - Middle East; Capital - Damascus; Population - 20 million; Currency - Syria Pound

I took a shared taxi from Baalbek in Lebanon to Damascus, in 1999.


syrnoteA 5 Syrian Pound note










syr3A side road in central Damascus



syr2Damascus old city $600 Bonus


syr1Al-Hamadiyyeh souq in the old city of Damascus















syr4Omayyad Mosque, Damascus old city















syr7Looking down from the 17th century Arab castle Qala'at ibn Maan, in Palmyra



syr8Sunset at Qala'at ibn Maan, Palmyra


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syr9The Roman ruins as seen from Qala'at ibn Maal, Palmyra
















syr10Roman theatre, Palmyra















syr11The Great Colonnade, Palmyra



syr12The Orontes River at Hama
















syr13The wooden water wheels, or norias, were used for irrigation in Hama















syr13aA noria in Hama



syr14Crac des Chaveliers, a Crusader Castle from the 12th century















syr15Inside the Crac des Chaveliers

















syr17Aleppo views from the huge Citadel



syr18The streets of Aleppo



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