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TANZANIA including Zanzibar

Location - East Africa; Capital - Dodoma; Population - 41 million; Currency - Tanzania Shilling

I took a bus from Mombasa to Dar es Salaam, in the Summer of 1993.


tannote200 Tanzanian Shillings










tan1The lovely old town of Zanzibar



tan2Zanzibar old town $600 Bonus


tan3Locals in Zanzibar old town
















tan8Taking in basket weaving on a Zanzibar spice tour
















tan9The village of Paje, on the East coast of Zanzibar



tan10Paje village, Zanzibar




tan11There's beautiful beaches on Zanzibar - this one is between Paje and Bwejuu
















tan12Dugout fishing boats near Paje, Zanzibar
















tan14Selling crayfish, Paje village, Zanzibar



tan16Paje village, Zanzibar




tan17Paje village, Zanzibar
















tan19Arriving back at Dar es Salaam from Zanzibar



tan18Help me here - I've no idea where this is, though it has to be either Mombasa, Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar old town. Any ideas?



tan22Hotel employees in the friendly town of Lushoto in the Usambara Mountains














tan25Children in Lushoto
















tan26Carrying water home, Lushoto



tan27The Usambara Mountains, just outside Lushoto















tan30Looking down on the plain below, near Lushoto















tan325895 metre high Mt Kilimanjaro, Moshi



tan34Mt Meru (4556 metres) as seen from Moshi



tan36Hippo pool near Lake Manyara
















tan40Hyena near Lake Manyara

















View of Ngorongoro Crater from the crater rim



tan44Vultures feeding, Ngorongoro















tan46Wildebeest, Ngorongoro
















tan48Serengeti National Park



tan57Sunset over the Serengeti



tan58Buffalo in the Serengeti
















tan60The Serengeti
















tan61Masai woman at the Tanzania/Kenya border



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