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Location - South East Asia; Capital - Bangkok; Population - 63 million; Currency - Baht MORE THAILAND

I travelled on the back of a pickup from Battambang to the Thai border, sitting on rice sacks with bags of live grasshoppers as company, in October 1999.


thainote50 Thai Baht










thai2Ubon Ratchathani - I stayed with the family of a Thai friend of mine living in London - I met Pen and Chorchai while there



thai1aTemple in Ubon Ratchathani


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thai1With my friend's parents, Ubon Ratchathani



















thai3Wat Mahathat in Thailand's first capital, Sukhothai



thai4Temple remains at Old Sukhothai $600 Bonus


thai5Buddha at Wat Mahathat, Old Sukhothai



















thai6Wat Sa Si, Old Sukhothai
















thai7Old Sukhtothai, a lovely place to hire a bike and wander around



thai8The earthquake damaged Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai















thai9The umbrella village of Baw Sang, near Chiang Mai















thai11Jong Kham lake, Mae Hong Son



thai12Looking down on Mae Hong Son, with Jong Kham lake in the middle



thai13A village of the Hmong tribe, on a 4-day Hill Tribe trek from Mae Hong Son
















thai14Hmong children wearing traditional jackets - Hill Tribe trek
















thai15Nui was our guide on the trek - Hill Tribe trek



thai16Shower time - Hill Tribe trek



thai18Eating sticky rice from dishes cut from bamboo - Hill Tribe trek
















thai19Wading through the river - Hill Tribe Trek
















thai20Posing with the very drunk Karen chief in a village where we stayed - Hill Tribe Trek



thai21In traditional Karen dress - Hill Tribe trek



thai23The Padaung tribe, Burmese refugees also known as the Long Neck people - Hill Tribe trek

More info on these people here














thai25Cooking food inside bamboo on the Mekong riverside, Chiang Saen



thai26The Golden Triangle, where the borders of Burma, Laos and Thailand meet.
It's known as an opium growing area















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