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Location - South East Asia; Capital - Bangkok; Population - 63 million; Currency - Baht MORE THAILAND

I returned to Thailand via the Friendship Bridge near Vientiane, in November 1999.


thainote50 Thai Baht











thai27Buddhist stupas and shrines for sale, Udon Thani $600 Bonus


thai28The beach at Pattaya, south east of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand















thai29Temple of the Reclining Buddha, or Wat Pho, Bangkok



thai30The reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, Bangkok




thai32The 18th century Grand Palace, Bangkok
















thai33The Grand Palace, Bangkok















thai34The Grand Palace, Bangkok



thai35The floating market at Damnoen Saduak
















thai38Hat seller, Damnoen Saduak floating market




















thai37Damnoen Saduak floating market



thai38bTaken from a bridge over the river at Damnoen Saduak



thai38cAway from the activity of the market, this is a local house at Damnoen Saduak















thai39Wat Ratburana, Ayuthaya



thai40Ayuthaya was another former Thai capital (14th - 18th century). This is Wat Phra Si Sanphet



thai42Death Railway bridge, Kanchanaburi, made famous by the film Bridge on the River Kwai.
Asian labourers and POW's built the bridge during World War II.
The arches are all that remains of the original bridge














thai43Moving house? On the river Khwae, Kanchanaburi
















thai49River Khwae at sunset, Kanchanaburi



thai44Allied World War II cemetery, Kanchanaburi



thai45One of a series of waterfalls at Erawan Falls, a bus ride from Kanchanaburi















thai46A slippery climb brings you to the bigger drops at Erawan Falls



















thai48Catherine, Yvette and Richard at Erawan Falls



thai50Chaweng beach, on Ko Samui
















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