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Location - West Africa; Capital - Lome; Population - 7 million; Currency - CFA Franc

From Ada in Ghana I crossed the border at Aflao and headed for Lake Togo in November 2005.


togonoteThe West African CFA Franc is used by all French West African countries










togo15The bungalows at L'Auberge du Lac, on the shores of Lake Togo




togo11Lake Togo from the grounds of L'Auberge du Lac


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togo20Peeking through the trees to Lake Togo, L'Auberge du Lac
















togo16L'Auberge du Lac, Lake Togo















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togo23The lagoon at Aneho, the former capital of Togo


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togo21Aneho is set on either side of a lagoon



togo24Fishing on Lake Togo
















togo30A pirogue ride away from L'auberge du Lac is the voodoo town of Togoville



togo29Togoville's German built cathedral was visited by Pope Jean-Paul II



togo31A voodoo shrine at Togoville

















togo32Sacred iroko trees, Togoville
















togo33A shrine at a voodoo temple in Togoville



togo34In the Maison Royal a photo of former President Eyadema, who died in 2005, hangs above the throne of the former chief of the Mlapa dynasty, Togoville



togo4 The Marche des Feticheurs is Lome's voodoo fetish market
















togo6The Marche des Feticheurs sells a variety of animal skins and bones.
They are used as ingredients in powders and amulets, amongst others, which are imbued with spirits for protection/power etc - Lome














togo8Marche des Feticheurs, Lome



togo9Marche des Feticheurs, Lome



togo10A useless photo of the fetish/voodoo priest at the Marche des Feticheurs, Lome















togo3Boulevard de la Marina, on Lome's seafront















togo37I left Lome for Kpalime and then took a moped through lovely mountainous scenery west of Adeta to the Ghanaian border at Yikpa Dafo



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