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Location - North Africa; Capital - Tunis; Population - 10 million; Currency - Tunisia Dinar MORE TUNISIA

There's plenty of cheap flights from London to Monastir, from where I headed for the capital Tunis in March 2008.


tunnoteThe Tunisian Dinar










tun110The picturesque clifftop village of Sidi Bou Said is just up the road from Tunis



tun73There's a lot of blue in Sidi Bou Said and throughout Tunisia


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tun74The entrance to Dar el-Annabi, an 18th century house in Sidi Bou Said



















tun104The quiet side-streets of Sidi Bou Said



tun105Orange and blue - Sidi Bou Said



tun111Sidi Bou Said
















tun98Looking down from the village to Sidi Bou Said's marina















tun82The centre of activity is Place Sidi Bou Said - go up the steps to a cafe



tun93Sidi Bou Said looks out over the Mediterranean Sea



tun100Sidi Bou Said















tun53The former naval port of the legendary Phoenician and Roman city of Carthage

More info on Carthage here and the great Carthaginian military leader Hannibal here



tun47Stelae cover the Sanctuary of Tophet, where it is believed children were sacrificed to the Phoenician gods - Carthage



tun56The Acropolium, set on Byrsa Hill, was built by the French in the 19th century - Carthage
















tun62The view from Byrsa Hill includes some remains of Carthage in the foreground, and the naval and merchant ports on the shores of the Mediterranean















tun67The Antonine baths were built by the Romans and featured, amongst others, a tepidarium, caldarium and frigidarium (warm, hot and cold rooms) - Carthage



tun68Carthage was built by the Phoenicians in the 9th century BC, the Romans razing it to the ground in 146 BC following their defeat of the Phoenicians (Carthaginians) in the 3rd Punic war. Over a 100 years later Rome resettled the city.



tun70A reconstucted section of the Roman villas - Carthage
















tun69Mosaics, mosaics and more mosaics - Roman villa site, Carthage















tun3A statue of philosopher Ibn Khaldun stands in front of St Vincent de Paul cathedral in Tunis



tun1Also on Avenue Habib Bourguiba is the clocktower - Tunis



tun8Early morning on Avenue Habib Bourguiba - Tunis
















tun7There's lots of cafes lining Avenue Habib Bourguiba, a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon/evening (and some serve beer) - Tunis















tun2Place de la Victoire is one of the entrances to Tunis' 7th century medina


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tun11Place de la Victoire, Tunis



tun15I was surprised how quiet the medina's shopping district was at 8 in the morning. I guess they're waiting for the tourist hordes later on - Tunis















tun17Tunis medina

















tun40The souqs busy up soon after - Tunis medina



tun18Zaytouna mosque, or the Great Mosque, lies in the heart of Tunis medina



tun41There's excellent views of the mosque from the shop roofs in the medina - Tunis















tun43A shop roof - Tunis medina
















tun35A residential area of Tunis medina



tun13The eerie streets of Tunis medina at night



tun39The minaret of Hamuda Pasha mosque in the medina, close to Place de la Kasbah - Tunis




















tun30There's many government buildings close to the medina's exit on the west side - Tunis
















tun26The Tunisian flag is raised in a ceremony at Place de la Kasbah - Tunis



tun117A horse and cart carry palm leaves from the huge palmeraie in Tozeur, an overnight train ride south west of Tunis















tun116A real dinosaur at Chak Wak park, Tozeur.
Mind you it didn't move so it could be a model..















tun113The old quarter of Tozeur is known as Ouled el-Hadef and dates to the 14th century



tun122A lovely place for a (non-alcoholic) drink is down the steps of Chechkhane, on the way to the tacky Tozeur Park - Tozeur



tun131Ong Jemal is a 4-wheel drive trip from Tozeur or Nefta

















tun138Standing in front of one of the lesser Star Wars sets near Mos Espa, which itself is close to Ong Jemal
















tun146All 4 wheelers in the area head for the Star Wars set of Mos Espa



tun140The set was used in The Phantom Menace - Mos Espa



tun139Mos Espa
















tun141The Mos Espa set is in good shape considering how long ago the film was shot..




















tun144But look at the buildings from behind and you'll notice the 'Blue Peter style' nature of the structures - Mos Espa



tun143A local in his back garden - Mos Espa



tun148The palmeraie and spring-fed pool at Nefta















tun149Taking the bus through the vast salt lake of Chott el-Jerid from Tozeur to the coastal city of Gabes















tun176Matmata is famous for its underground Berber troglodyte homes, helping inhabitants to stay cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter






tun154I recommend staying the night at a troglodyte hotel, after the tourist groups have left.
Hotel Marhala is a good place to stay - Matmata















tun159Hotel Marhala, Matmata




















tun153The grounds of Hotel Marhala, Matmata



tun164Matmata is also famous as a Star Wars location, the Hotel Sidi Driss being used in several of the films

More info on Star Wars sites and the Sidi Driss hotel here



tun181The trogolodyte home of a Matmata local
















tun167Matmata's museum is a former troglodyte dwelling



tun165The bedroom of a traditional Matmata home



tun179The landscape surrounding Matmata

















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