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Location - South east Europe/Middle East; Capital - Ankara; Population - 50 million; Currency - Turkish Lire MORE TURKEY

From Silopi on the Iraqi border it's a three hour bus ride to the hilltop town of Mardin, in the Kurdish region of south east Turkey - November 2013.


turkeynote3After suffering rampant inflation and a couple of recent currency changes, the country has now settled on the Turkish Lire









turkey2A first glimpse of Mardin, an attractive town overlooking the plains leading to the Syrian border


turkey7Cumhuriyet Caddesi is the main high street, full of souvenir shops, tea houses, restaurants as well as a couple of hotels - Mardin


turkey10At the western end of Cumhuriyet Caddesi is Mardin Museum, a restored army barracks detailing the history of Mardin














turkey9Nowhere in Turkey is complete without a reference of some sort to the founder of modern day Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - Mardin













turkey15The castle above Mardin is occupied by the Turkish army, though rumour is soon it will open to the public. But no such luck for me..


turkey17There's several places which provide great views of the plains below the town. This is from Abbarbar, an upmarket bar close to Mardin Museum, with Latifiye Mosque in the foreground - Mardin


turkey25Just below the main street is the local market - Mardin















turkey28Donkeys are commonplace in the hilly terrain - Mardin















turkey26A side street near the market - Mardin



turkey30Back on Cumhuriyet Caddesi is Atilla Cay Bahcesi, a tea garden with fantastic views of both the plains below and the illuminated hillside at night - Mardin


turkey31The former post office and castle are lit up at night - Mardin















turkey29The minaret of the 14th century Sehidiye Mosque - Mardin















turkey32Antik Sur restaurant is a converted caravanserai (travellers' inn) - Mardin


turkey33The courtyard of the 14th century Sultan Isa madrasa - Mardin


turkey40I climbed the steps of Diyarbakir's city walls at Ogrun Kapisi (Sneaking Gate)














turkey45I didn't get the chance to see the Tigris and Euphrates rivers a few day earlier in Iraq, so wanted to check them out in Turkey. This is the Tigris at Diyarbakir












turkey47Like many buildings in south east Turkey, the Nebi Mosque is built from distinctive black-and-white striped stone - Diyarbakir


turkey51.. as is the Hotel Buyuk Kervansaray - Diyarbakir


turkey56Guys read the papers and play dominoes in the square outside Ulu Camii - Diyarbakir














turkey57The 11th century Ulu Camii (camii means mosque in Turkish) - Diyarbakir














turkey61The pedestrian cobbled streets inside the city walls - Diyarbakir


turkey62The 19th century home of poet Cahit Sitki Taranci has been converted into a museum - Diyarbakir


turkey65 Hasan Pasa Hani is a converted 16th century caravanserai - Diyarbakir














turkey71 Hasan Pasa Hani now houses cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops - Diyarbakir















turkey75It's wonderfully atmospheric in the evening, definitely my highlight of south east Turkey - Diyarbakir


turkey76Grab a coffee and smoke a nargileh at Hasan Pasa Hani - Diyarbakir


turkey77Spices for sale at Sanliurfa















turkey84Golbasi is a picturesque garden and park area in Sanliurfa













turkey90Overlooking Golbasi on Domlacik hill is the Kale or Citadel - Sanliurfa


turkey87Steps leading to the citadel provide an opportunity to admire the views and sip a tea from the teahouses lining the path - Sanliurfa


turkey98One of the cafes surrounding water fountains in Golbasi - Sanliurfa














turkey100Drinking tea Kurdish/Turkish style: in a small glass with plenty of sugar, no milk - Sanliurfa














turkey104Balikli Gol is another pool of water in Golbasi - Sanliurfa


turkey108It's crammed full of carp which fight for the bread thrown in by onlookers - Sanliurfa


turkey111 Golbasi is a relaxing and enjoyable place to visit - Sanliurfa














turkey113 The area is a recreation of the story where God spared Abraham being burnt alive by King Nimrud - Sanliurfa















turkey117To the left of Balikli Gol is Rizvaniye Vakli Mosque while on the right is Haliliur Rahman Mosque - Sanliurfa


turkey119Golbasi is very popular with families - Sanliurfa


turkey132Women in traditional headscarves - Sanliurfa















turkey134Boaters look like they're in for a soaking at Ayn-i-Zeliha, Golbasi - Sanliurfa















turkey140A makeshift teagarden in the Golbasi grounds - Sanliurfa


turkey141Sunset in Golbasi - Sanliurfa



turkey142A water wheel - Sanliurfa















turkey145Visit the cave where the prophet Abraham was born(?) then take in Mevlid-i Halil Mosque - Sanliurfa














turkey150Keeping an eye on things from the front door - Sanliurfa


turkey157A covered market, known as the bedesten, in the bazaar - Sanliurfa



turkey159I took lots photos of these hangings but didn't bother finding out what they were. I think they're dried petals, though maybe some are fruit/veg? - Sanliurfa













turkey162Bags of spices, herbs, seeds and beans for sale - Sanliurfa














turkey166There's several bars side-by-side in an alleyway near the town hall - Sanliurfa


turkey167Also close to the town hall is a square lined with restaurants, internet cafes and shops - Sanliurfa


turkey170Crossing the Euphrates River on the way to Gaziantep















turkey174The plush Sirehan Hotel is another converted ancient caravanserai - Gaziantep


turkey176Zincirli Bedesten is a coppersmith and metalworkers' market - Gaziantep


turkey181Gaziantep has a sprawling bazaar, mainly in the area south and south east of the citadel














turkey178Take a break from the bazaars and have a drink at the pretty Tutun Han - Gaziantep















turkey183Scaffolding surrounds Alauddevie Mosque - Gaziantep


turkey186Parts of the Kale, or Citadel, date back to the 6th century - Gaziantep


turkey184The familiar black-and-white style of Tarihi Yenihan, which contains souvenir shops and restaurants - Gaziantep














turkey185A gorgeous looking bedesten, or covered market - Gaziantep















turkey190Selling olives beneath the citadel - Gaziantep


turkey191Gumruk Hani has just opened following renovation and boasts a spa, shops, a small museum and a cafe - Gaziantep


turkey195Fountains in 100 Yil Ataturk Kultur Park - Gaziantep














turkey193I think this bronze statue is selling bread - Gaziantep















turkey197A memorial to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - Gaziantep



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