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Location - South east Europe/Middle East; Capital - Ankara; Population - 50 million; Currency - Turkish Lire MORE TURKEY

From Batumi in Georgia it's just over 15km by minibus to the Turkish border at Sarpi. From there I took a taxi to Hopa (minbuses were waiting to fill up but I felt they were going nowhere fast) then a 1.5hr bus ride to Rize, returning the same day - October 2019.


turkeynote3The 5 Turkish Lire note featuring Ataturk










turkey1401The Black Sea coast at Rize


turkey1407There's several seafront cafes and restaurants so it's time for Turkish tea, which is grown nearby - Rize


turkey1404Comfy beanbag chairs overlooking the Black Sea - Rize















turkey1402I chose Rize as it's the first appealing Black Sea town after the Georgian border, and doable as a day trip















turkey1408A little further down are a few small marinas - Rize


turkey1409Take a walk along the waterfront - Rize


turkey1411The town centre - Rize















turkey1412On the left is President Erdogan next to what seem to be lines from a military song - Rize















turkey1413A spot of military propaganda set in front of the Turkish flag - Rize


turkey1414Posters of current Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan are commonplace - Rize


turkey1415Seyh Mosque, the town's main mosque, in the town centre - Rize















turkey1417And Erdogan isn't too far away - Rize















turkey1420A steep road leads up to the former castle, which is now a tea garden, the perfect place to sit back - Rize


turkey1425The coastal views from here are fantastic - Rize


turkey1427The local marina - Rize















turkey1428Not a bad place for an outdoor cafe - Rize















turkey1430Many of the hillsides have been converted to tea terraces, which is commercially produced in the region - Rize


turkey1432A mosque minaret rises next to the tea garden - Rize


turkey1439Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the founder of modern day Turkey and a much revered figure - Rize














turkey1440The silhouetted face of Ataturk. There's direct buses from Rize straight to the Georgian border at Sarpi, no need to change at Hopa




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