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Location - Middle East; Capital - Abu Dhabi; Population - 5 million; Currency - UAE Dirham MORE UAE - DUBAI

I took a bus from Muscat to the border town of Al-Ain in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, in November 2004.


uaenoteThe UAE Dirham










abu4The camel souq at Al-Ain



abu3The sellers each have their own pen at the camel market - Al-Ain



abu1Jebel Hafit mountain is 1160 metres high, Al-Ain
















abu519th century Jahili Fort, Al-Ain
















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abu6The Eastern Fort in Al-Ain is now a museum



abu7Date palms in the Al-Ain oasis


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abu9Coffeepot roundabout, Al-Ain
















abu11The dhow wharf at Abu Dhabi



abu13View of the city from the dhow wharf, Abu Dhabi



abu12An image of Sheikh Zayed, the ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of UAE, died in 2004 - Abu Dhabi



















abu14The old souq area, Abu Dhabi
















abu15Attab Fort sits in the Liwa Oasis in Attab



abu16Attab Fort



abu18Sand dunes on the edge of the huge Empty Quarter, which stretches south through Saudi Arabia to Yemen - Attab















abu19Sheikh Zayed's palace at Mizaira'a, in the Liwa Oasis region



abu21Driving into the Empty Quarter near Mizaira'a
















abu22Sitting on the sand dunes, Empty Quarter
















abu23With Siobhain and Emma in the Empty Quarter



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