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Location - Middle East; Capital - Abu Dhabi; Population - 5 million; Currency - UAE Dirham MORE UAE - SHARJAH

I returned to Dubai and used it as a base to visit other emirates - December 2004.


uaenoteThe UAE Dirham









dub34Cargo dhows (and a few seagulls) on The Creek, Dubai



dub1Boat taxis, called abras, cross The Creek in Dubai




dub7The Jumeirah Beach Hotel stands opposite it's more illustrious counterpart, the Burj al Arab, Dubai















dub9The Jumeirah Beach Hotel on the Gulf, Dubai
















dub6aThe hugely impressive Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai


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dub8 Roger Federer and Andre Agassi had a knockabout on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab, Dubai.


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dub12The upper lobby of the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai


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dub11Looking skywards from the upper lobby, Dubai




dub16Burj Al Arab's upper lobby, Dubai




















dub14The causeway linking the hotel to the mainland, Dubai

















dub17Fantastic views of Dubai from the top floor of the Burj Al Arab


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dub18In 2004 Dubai's Palm Jumeirah was clearly visible

Visit The Palm website here


dub21But The World was less impressive - I'm sure it's different now. Dubai

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dub22The sun sets behind the Burj Al Arab, Dubai





















dub25The Burj Al Arab, Dubai



dub28The Madinat Jumeirah is another extravagant and luxurious hotel, next to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai



dub30Dubai Marina was still in the middle of construction in late 2004















dub5The spice souq, in the Deira area of Dubai



dub3Deira's gold souq, Dubai



dub37Heritage House is tucked away among Deira's souqs, Dubai.
The wind towers act as natural air conditioning by redirecting breezes















dub36Walking along the Bur Dubai side of The Creek, Dubai



dub39Night falls on Bur Dubai and The Creek, Dubai



dub38Wind tower buildings in the Bastakia Quarter of Bur Dubai, where Iranian merchants used to live, Dubai



















dub40Dubai souq in Bur Dubai, Dubai




dub4The souq area Bur Dubai, Dubai



dub33Al Mamzar beach is in the north west of Dubai
















dub32It's possible to see the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in this photo from Al Mamzar beach, Dubai















dub41An evening in the Irish Village, Dubai



dub42Looking out of my hotel room in Deira, Dubai



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