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Location - Middle East; Capital - Abu Dhabi; Population - 5 million; Currency - UAE Dirham MORE UAE - UMM AL-QAIWAIN/AJMAN

It's easy to take a day trip from Dubai to Sharjah - December 2004.


uaenoteThe UAE Dirham










shar7Locals relax at Khalid Lagoon, Sharjah



shar2Dhows loaded with fish cages are moored next to Sharjah's fish market


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shar4The beautiful colours of an Iranian mosque in Sharjah
















shar8A shop selling women's abeyyas in Sharjah
















shar5Material formerly used in the Kaaba in Mecca's Sacred Mosque - Sharjah


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shar11The Heritage Area contains several museums and traditional houses, Sharjah



shar10Sharjah's Heritage Area
















shar1Sharjah's large Asian community watching cricket at the bus station















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