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Location - East Africa; Capital - Kampala; Population - 31 million; Currency - Uganda Shilling MORE UGANDA

The chance to see gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural habitat lured me to Uganda and Rwanda in November/December 2007.


ugandnote1000 Ugandan Shillings










ugand16Palm trees line the roads at Jinja, east of Kampala



ugand34Try a 9 iron mate - marabou storks on Jinja's golf course 


ugand22There's great views of Lake Victoria from Jinja's Hotel Triangle Annex
















ugand21Lake Victoria - Jinja















ugand28Sunset over Lake Victoria, Jinja


Thomson Holidays - Click Here  


ugand23Lake Victoria - Jinja



ugand27Returning to Jinja (is that enough boats for now?)
















ugand36The Source of the Nile at Jinja



ugand38A beautiful view of the source of the Nile - Jinja


ugand43The most distant source of the Nile has recently been traced to Rwanda, so Uganda's claim is tenuous, but Jinja's a lovely place to go so who cares..

The source of the Blue Nile is found in Ethiopia; the White Nile in Rwanda.
The two meet up in Sudan. It then flows north through Egypt to the Mediterranean.













ugand45The site of the former Ripon Falls, submerged when the Owen Falls Dam was constructed - Jinja
















ugand53Looking down from the Source of the Nile Gardens, on the western bank of the river - Jinja



ugand55On the west bank of the Nile - Jinja



ugand1About 10km upstream from Jinja are the Bujagali Falls
















ugand9Bujagali Falls are more a series of rapids than waterfalls, and it's possible to go white-water rafting here















ugand4Some of the rapids at Bujagali Falls



ugand56Kampala's Sikh Temple
















ugand57Independence Monument, central Kampala
















ugand58Walking home after a hard day at work - a marabou stork on Kimathi Road, Kampala



ugand59Nakasero market, close to the old taxi park, Kampala
















ugand61Nakasero market - Kampala



ugand62Africa's only Baha'i temple is on the outskirts of Kampala.
The Baha'i religion was founded in 19th century Persia by Baha'u'llah

The Baha'i faith explained here

The official website here













ugand63Baha'i Temple, Kampala



ugand64The Baha'i Temple is set on a hill which affords good views of Kampala



ugand67The Kasubi Tombs contain some of the former kabakas (kings) of Buganda, an area of south-central Uganda - Kampala

Buganda and the Baganda people explained here














ugand70A distant look at Kampala's new mosque
















ugand76Stepping off the ferry at Lutoboka on the island of Kalangala, Ssese Islands



ugand98I stayed at the Pearl Gardens Beach, a 2 minute walk from the ferry landing - Kalangala, Ssese Islands

Their website here















ugand100Lake Victoria as seen from the Pearl Gardens Beach - Lutoboka, Ssese Islands

Lutoboka's lakeside area is beautiful and an ideal place to do very little














ugand80Boats at Lutoboka Bay - Kalangala, Ssese Islands



ugand101Lake Victoria's shore at Lutoboka Bay, Kalangala - Ssese Islands



ugand89Lutoboka Bay, Kalangala - Ssese Islands















ugand90Lutoboka Bay from the Pearl Gardens Beach, Kalangala - Ssese Islands
















ugand81The Hornbill Camp's beach at Lutoboka - Kalangala, Ssese Islands



ugand82There's plenty of birdlife at Lutoboka Bay - Kalangala, Ssese Islands



ugand83Lutoboka Bay - Kalangala, Ssese Islands

The ferry to Lutoboka leaves from Nakiwogo in Entebbe and takes just over 3 hours.
More info on the MV Kalangala ferry (and the Ssese Islands Beach Hotel) here













ugand97Lutoboka Bay at Pearl Gardens Beach - Kalangala, Ssese Islands
















ugand84Lutoboka Bay - Kalangala, Ssese Islands



ugand87There's a few walks that can be made inland from Lutoboka, and also along a trail hugging the lakeshore - Kalangala, Ssese Islands



ugand86A wide-eyed monkey on the lakeshore trail near Lutoboka - Kalangala, Ssese Islands
















ugand94The very welcoming entrance to the Ssese Islands Beach Hotel in Lutoboka - Kalangala, Ssese Islands

Their website here















ugand93The lakeview from the Ssese Islands Beach Hotel - Kalangala, Ssese Islands



ugand95Back on the ferry landing at Lutoboka - Kalangala, Ssese Islands



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