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Location - East Africa; Capital - Kampala; Population - 31 million; Currency - Uganda Shilling MORE UGANDA

We crossed back into Uganda from Kigali, Rwanda and headed for Lake Bunyonyi, in December 2007.


ugandnote1000 Ugandan Shillings










ugand104Lake Bunyonyi, as seen from the Overland Resort at Rutinda



ugand107Lake Bunyonyi, southern Uganda



ugand108Lake Bunyonyi at Rutinda, on the northern shore

















ugand110The sun shines on Lake Bunyonyi




















ugand114Rush hour on Lake Bunyonyi


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ugand116A view of the Overland Resort from Crater Bay Cottages, Lake Bunyonyi



ugand118Lake Bunyonyi

















ugand121Searching in vain for otters - Lake Bunyonyi



















ugand123But we did see the national bird of Uganda, the grey crowned crane - Lake Bunyonyi


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ugand124Grey crowned crane, Lake Bunyonyi



ugand125Cacti at Rutinda, Lake Bunyonyi
















ugand126Lunchtime for this bird - Lake Bunyonyi




















ugand127Lake Bunyonyi


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ugand132One of the jetties at Bushara Island, a short boat ride from Rutinda - Lake Bunyonyi
















ugand133From the sundeck on Bushara Island, Lake Bunyonyi
















ugand137All is calm on Lake Bunyonyi - Bushara Island



ugand139Akampene Island (Island of Punishment) Lake Bunyonyi



ugand144I didn't know crayfish looked like this - Lake Bunyonyi
















ugand146Passing through the town of Ishaka, on the way to Lake Nkuruba



ugand150The lakeside banda at Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve
















ugand148Bucket showers at Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve




















ugand153Black-and-white colobus monkey at Lake Nkuruba



ugand158Reflections on Lake Nkuruba



ugand159The lakeside forest is a great place to watch monkeys jumping from tree to tree - Lake Nkuruba
















ugand161Beautiful black-and-white colobus monkeys - Lake Nkuruba
















ugand163Drying out beans at Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve



ugand168Lake Nyabikere is a few kms from Lake Nkuruba
















ugand167Out fishing on Lake Nyabikere
















ugand170Lake Nyabikere




ugand171A vervet monkey at Lake Nyabikere



ugand191Treehouse at Kibale Primate Lodge - Kibale National Park

Click here for their website



















ugand173Kibale National Park is an excellent centre for chimpanzee tracking
















ugand177A mother with her baby in Kibale National Park



ugand181The chimpanzees were very vocal when fending off a lone chimp from another group - Kibale National Park



ugand185A baby chimpanzee dangles from a branch in Kibale National Park
















ugand187It was amazing to see the baby's hairless face - Kibale National Park.
The original photo is too blurred to pass on (lots of zoom and too little light to prevent camera shake).















ugand210A marabou stork has a bird's eye view of Entebbe



ugand200Fishing in Lake Victoria - Entebbe



ugand212Entebbe Botanical Gardens overlook Lake Victoria
















ugand211A vervet monkey playing around at an Entebbe hotel
















ugand208Entebbe Wildlife Education Reserve is an animal sanctuary



ugand205A shoebill at Entebbe Wildlife Education Reserve


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