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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Vatican City; Population - 800; Currency - Euro

After arriving in Rome from Libya, I headed straight for the Vatican City, in November 2007.


euroThe Vatican issues sought after Euro coins, but I didn't get near one..









vaticannoteUpdate - got one now! Via ebay of course..










vat44The construction of St Peter's Basilica took place over the 16th and 17th centuries - Vatican City




vat46St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City



vat38Bramante, Raphael and Michelangelo were all involved in the design of the Basilica - Vatican City

Click here for more info on St Peter's Basilica















vat43St Peter's is said to be built on the burial site of Saint Peter, who was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus - Vatican City
















vat39The two colonnades surrounding St Peter's Square support 140 saints - Vatican City


vat47aSt Peter's Square, Vatican City



vat47St Peter's Square's southern colonnade, Vatican City

















vat48St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
















vat49St Peter's Basilica through the columns of the colonnade - Vatican City


vat50St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City



vat36The Doric columns that make up the St Peter's Square colonnades - Vatican City




















vat53Looking down the Via della Concilazione to St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
















vat30There's superb views from the dome of St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City


vat32St Peter's Square; Via della Concilazione; which leads to the circular Castel Sant'Angelo opposite the Tiber river - Vatican City



vat26St Peter's dome curves away to reveal the Vatican Gardens - Vatican City
















vat27The Vatican Gardens, Vatican City
















vat21The 120 metre high dome of St Peter's Basilica was completed in 1590 - Vatican City


vat22I'm unsure what these statues are (at a level close to the base of the dome) - saints? Vatican City


vat24Looking down on the Courtyard of the Pine Cone, part of the Vatican museums - Vatican City
















vat2The Vatican Museums - Vatican City


Visit the Vatican website for the Vatican Museums opening hours














vat4The Vatican Museums, Vatican City


vat6Courtyard of the Pine Cone, Vatican Museums - Vatican City


vat7Arnaldo Pomodoro's Sphere Within Sphere, set in the Courtyard of the Pine Cone - Vatican City
















vat8Courtyard of the Pine Cone - Vatican City



















vat3Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, in the Pinacoteca, Vatican Museums - Vatican City


vat10The Map Gallery, or Galleria delle Carte Geografiche, Vatican Museums - Vatican City


vat9The ceiling of the Map Gallery, Vatican Museums - Vatican City
















vat11Raphael's The School of Athens, in the Stanze di Rafaello, Vatican Museums - Vatican City
















vat16Inside St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City


vat17Bernini's baldacchino, made from bronze - St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City


vat18Michelangelo's Pieta, St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
















vat14Take the stairs or lift to this point, half way to the top of St Peter's dome - Vatican City
















vat13..and look down on the Basilica - Vatican City


vat12The dome of St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City


vat1Vatican City walls




















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