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Location - South America; Capital - Caracas; Population - 28 million; Currency - Bolivar MORE VENEZUELA

My 6 month trip to South America in 1997 started in Caracas, Venezuela.


vennote50 Bolivares, with Simon Bolivar on the front









veneznewnote1In 2008 the Bolivar was replaced by the Bolivar Fuerte, which has now become known as the Bolivar









ven1Plaza Bolivar in the old part of Caracas $600 Bonus  


ven2Miraflores Palace, Caracas, the official residence of the Venezuelan president



ven4The Caracas birthplace of Simon Bolivar, who fought for the independence of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia















ven5Plaza Bolivar at Ciudad Bolivar, the first stage on my way to Angel Falls




ven6The Orinoco river, Ciudad Bolivar



ven7A 4-seater plane to the beautifully scenic village of Canaima in the Gran Sabana area of Venezuela
















ven8Hacha Falls at Lake Canaima, Canaima
















ven9Hacha Falls, Canaima


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ven10After a half-day of walking and boating, we spent the night at a campsite - Angel Falls tour
















ven12El Sapo Falls



ven13A slippery walk behind El Sapo Falls - it's a great feeling to walk behind a big waterfall. I'm amazed my camera still worked after this



ven14Still on the Angel Falls tour, this one is apparently called Happy Falls
















ven16On the third day we finally have sight of Angel Falls, the World's highest waterfall - 979 metres



ven15The uninterrupted drop that you see here is 807 metres - Angel Falls



ven18It continues to a pool at the base of the waterfall - Angel Falls















ven17At the base of Angel Falls
















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