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I'm creating pages dedicated to Street Art, which I'll build up over the coming months. Street Art 1 uploaded! Street Art 2 uploaded! Street Art 3 uploaded! Freestyle 1, Freestyle 2 uploaded!

I've added a freestyle page, a jumble of anything quirky/humorous I've stumbled on.

November 2021: Back from gorgeous Turkey, where I travelled from eastern to western borders. I'll eventually be trying Wordpress to upload these new pages (Serbia & Turkey)

September 2021: I've completed Serbia 1 - Nis, Novi Pazar & Priboj, Serbia 2 - Uzice, Mokra Gora & Subotica, Serbia 3 - Novi Sad & Sremski Karlvoci, and Serbia 4 - Belgrade, but some glitch with Dreamweaver means I can't upload any new pages, only amend existing ones. It sounds like it's something that won't get resolved, as my version is from another century (well almost). Bah!

June 2021: Multiple Covid tests and quarantining blah blah didn't stop me getting to (& back from!) Serbia, which has lots to offer, photos to come.

Dec 2020/Jan 2021: Portugal 1 uploaded! Porto and Coimbra. Portugal 2 uploaded! Nazare, Cascais, Sintra, Estoril. Portugal 3 uploaded! Lisbon. Portugal 4 uploaded! Albufeira, Sand City, Seven Hanging Valleys trail. Portugal 5 uploaded! Tavira & Tavira Island, Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Cacela Velha, Silves. Portugal 6 uploaded! Lagos, Faro, Ilha Deserta, Evora. Pheasant Island uploaded! A river island swapped between France & Spain every six months.

Nov 2020: Finally got around to sorting the Devon photos - England 13 uploaded! England 14 uploaded! England 15 uploaded! Now on to north Wales.. On a roll - Wales 9 uploaded! Covers Llandudno and Conwy. Wales 10 uploaded! Covers Prestatyn & surrounds, Bodnant Garden, Gwrych Castle (of I'm A Celebrity fame), Wrexham.

Made it to Portugal and back just before another lockdown, phew! One of the best countries in western Europe, for sure. Again, this might take me a while to update..
After the UK's easing of lockdown, I hotfooted it for staycations to Devon and back home to north Wales. Eventually I'll add them, but may take me some time... And everything crossed for a trip to Portugal.

Feb 2020: Egypt 4 uploaded! Egypt 5 uploaded! Egypt 6 uploaded! Egypt 7 uploaded! Back from some winter sun in Egypt via an excellent, value-for-money holiday revisiting places I last saw over 20 years ago

Nov/Dec 2019: Georgia 3 uploaded! Turkey 5 (Rize, Black Sea) uploaded! Georgia 1 uploaded! Georgia 2 uploaded! Armenia 1 uploaded! Armenia 2 uploaded! Armenia 3 uploaded! Nagorno Karabakh 1 uploaded! Nagorno Karabakh 2 uploaded!
Georgia is an excellent destination - very scenic with a lively capital, ancient monuments and a Black Sea coast. Armenia has similar (except the Black Sea) but on a lesser scale. Yerevan is great in the evening.
Next up are more ex-Soviet states in the form of Armenia, Georgia plus I'm holding out hope that breakaway territory Abkhazia reopens its 'border' with Georgia

June 2019: Bulgaria 1 uploaded! Bulgaria 2 uploaded! Turkey 3 (Istanbul) uploaded! Turkey 4 (Gallipoli) uploaded! Nakhchivan 1 uploaded! Nakhchivan 2 uploaded!
The little known Azerbaijani enclave of Nakhchivan, sandwiched between Armenia, Iran and the narrowest sliver of eastern Turkey. I'll then travel overland via Istanbul to Bulgaria.

Jan 2019: Austria 2 (Vienna & Republic of Kugelmugel) uploaded! Slovakia 1 uploaded! Slovakia 2 uploaded!

Dec 2018: Azerbaijan 1 uploaded! Azerbaijan 2 uploaded!
Just spent a week in Slovakia. Also need to add Azerbaijan..

Nov 2018: Turkmenistan 1, Turkmenistan 2 uploaded! Tajikistan (Penjikent only) uploaded! Uzbekistan 1, Uzbekistan 2, Uzbekistan 3 uploaded! Back from the Stans! Will take me a while to upload but Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are well worth a trip.
I'll make a second attempt to reach Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan in the autumn. Fingers crossed!

July 2018: I've finally added the last photos of mid-Wales to Wales 8 (I went back in March)

June 2018: Austria 1 (Salzburg) uploaded! Montenegro 4 (Ulcinj) uploaded! Albania 2, Albania 3 & Albania 4 uploaded! Germany 5 (Ulm) uploaded! Back from Albania! Two weeks spent in Albania, a friendly and worthwhile destination with a lovely coastline. Photos to come..

Jan 2018: Germany 4 (Bremen) uploaded! Sweden 1 (Malmo & Lund) uploaded! Denmark 1 & Christiania & Denmark 2 uploaded!
The first Denmark page covers Copenhagen and, as the name suggests, the self-declared autonomous region of Christiania. The second Danish page also covers a lesser-known micronation, the Kingdom of Elleore.

Dec 2017: Slovenia 1 uploaded! Croatia 3 uploaded! Montenegro 2 & Montenegro 3 uploaded!
Quick visit to Denmark with a smidgen of Sweden (Malmo)

Nov 2017: Montenegro 1, Kosovo, North Macedonia & Albania uploaded! Finally got going, next is Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia..
Back from the Balkans! Will take me a while to upload but work starts now.. Next up are the Balkans, starting with North Macedonia, before heading vaguely northwards through Kosovo to Montenegro, finishing with Slovenia via the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. It all looks chock-full of beautiful scenery.

Sept 2017: Added Wales 8! All about the Brecon Beacons & surrounds

July 2017: Finally done the last Wales page, Wales 7 added!

June 2017: Wales 4, Wales 5 & Wales 6 added! The original Wales pages are now at Wales 1, Wales 2 & Wales 3.
Recently returned from a trip home to North Wales where I covered a lot of miles, from Holyhead to Machynlleth, and Abersoch to Llangollen. A beautiful coastline, with photos to come..

I've also amended the links to all UK.html pages - so now the England pages are at etc, the London ones end in londonx.html, same with Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands. Common sense won the day.. eventually!

March 2017: Another England page added! England 12 - the historic towns of Rye and Rochester plus a gun tower with a World War II theme..

February 2017: France 9 added! A long weekend spent in northern France at the fantastic Mont St Michel and the more sombre WWII beaches in Normandy.

November 2016: France 8 added! Includes Lourdes, Pic du Midi, Lake Gaube, Pau. And updates made to the Andorra page. A week in the very scenic Pyrenees took me to France and Andorra..

October 2016: Wales 2, Wales 3 uploaded! Plus updates & additions to Wales 1 and Wales 4. These cover Aberystwyth, Welshpool and down the coast to St Davids, Tenby, Gower, Cardiff to Chepstow and inland to Hay-on-Wye..

June 2016: Scotland 2, Scotland 3, Scotland 4 uploaded! Plus updates to Scotland 1. Recently returned from a couple of weeks in beautiful Scotland (especially the highlands).

April 2016: Isle of Wight uploaded! A small island off the south coast of England near Portsmouth.

Menton Citrus Festival uploaded! And now France 7 (Avignon and Lyon). The Citrus Festival in Menton, southern France is held every year in February/March. Massive sculptures made from oranges and lemons are on parade.. Wow.

Jan/Feb 2016: A few photos added to London 1, 2 & 3, including the Magic Lantern Festival, and of course a windmill plus an ex-Soviet tank, both in central London..
Added Bletchley Park to England 10 as well as the nuclear bunker. Bletchley Park was the site of Britain's top secret decrypting of messages sent by the Nazis during World War II, made famous in the film The Imitation Game.
Secret Nuclear Bunker uploaded! The former London regional headquarters in case of nuclear attack, Kelvedon Hatch, is now open to the public. It's a fascinating place near Epping in Essex.

Jan 2016: I've added some Lumiere London (light installation festival) photos to London 3 plus a few of Ruthin to the Wales page.

Jan 2016: Belgium 5 uploaded! Ypres and the WWI battlefields along with the Battle of Waterloo site. Belgium 1 uploaded! Or reuploaded to be precise. I've revamped the Bruges and Brussels photos with those from my December trip. Bruges Ice Magic added, Brussels street art and Tintin murals added. Not forgetting the Grand Place sound-and-light show.

Dec 2015: Cotswolds and Warwick uploaded! Finally sorted out the Cotswolds and Warwick page on my 'England 10' page.

Nov 2015: Cornwall uploaded! Just back from beautiful Cornwall in England.

Nov 2015: Stratford-upon-Avon uploaded! Photos at bottom of the linked page, below Liverpool.
Shakespeare's home Stratford-upon-Avon to be added to England pages, along with Warwick and the Cotswolds.

May/June 2015: Gdansk uploaded! Kaliningrad pages uploaded! Kaliningrad 1 & Kaliningrad 2.Lithuania 1 & Lithuania 2 uploaded! At last, been a bit lazy but got there after a couple of months..
Back from Kaliningrad! Pages to come, along with Vilnius and Gdansk.. Next up is the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania. Which means it's the perfect time to take in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital.

Feb 2015: England 8 uploaded! July 2015: Portsmouth added! Plus a couple of microstates.
I'm adding photos of a couple of English coastal resorts, including the incredible shell grotto in Margate, made from 4.6million shells. Discovered in 1835, no-one knows who, when or why it was built. I also have some additions to London (Tower of London poppies, Altitude views, London Oktoberfest)

Jan/Feb 2015: Palestine page uploaded! Palestine 1 & Palestine 2. Israel pages uploaded! Israel 1 Israel 2 Israel 3 & Israel 4
I'm off to Israel for a fourth time, along with the Palestinian Territories. Looking forward to revisiting my kibbutz/Eilat past! Update: Back from Tel Aviv! Photos to come, probably in the new year..

Oct/Nov 2014: Uploaded! Morocco 5, Ceuta 1 & 2 are now up and running, along with Isla Perejil additions to Plazas de Soberania.
I've got a second trip to Ceuta coming up. One of two Spanish enclaves in Africa, I'll be mixing it with a little more Morocco - Tangier, Tetouan and Asilah to be precise.

June 2014: Uploaded! ENCLAVES: Baarle, Vennbahn, Busingen, Belgium 4, Switzerland 2 & Switzerland 3, Campione d'Italia, Seborga, France 5 and finally Llivia. The quirky enclaves of Western Europe, countries within countries, along with the 'independent' Seborga for good measure.
There's five enclaves in Western Europe: Baarle (Belgium in Netherlands in Belgium), Vennbahn (Germany in Belgium), Busingen (Germany in Switzerland), Campione d'Italia (Italy in Switzerland) and Llivia (Spain in France).

Uploaded! My long weekend in Jersey is now online

I've also added a few more graffiti/street-art photos to the London 2 page (scroll to the bottom)

Feb 2014: Uploaded! There's now two Melilla pages Melilla 1 Melilla 2 and I've also added to the original Morocco 3 page (and a little to Morocco 4). And finally Spanish fortresses in Africa now uploaded.
A second trip to Melilla beckons and another attempt at seeing the Spanish penon near Al Hoceima - this time! Update: Made it to the other plazas de soberania! Penon de Velez de la Gomera and the Chafarinas Islands - uploads to come.

Back from the very friendly and welcoming Iraqi Kurdistan, and south east Turkey. Uploaded! Iraq 1, Iraq 2 and Iraq 3. Uploaded! Turkey 1 and Turkey 2

October 2013 - Successfully traced my family's World War I gravestones at the Somme near Arras, France

Uploaded! Belgium's Sand Wonderland, the world's largest sand sculpture festival

Croatia and Bosnia pages uploaded! Croatia 1 Croatia 2 Bosnia 1 Bosnia 2

Sudan pages uploaded! Sudan 1 Sudan 2

Jordan pages uploaded! Jordan 1 Jordan 2

Belgium - Antwerp, Veurne and Ghent, January 2013 photos uploaded

I've finished adding Liverpool, Durham and Newcastle to the England pages and also sorted out Birmingham and Norwich

I'm currently creating a Top Fives page, listing various top destinations according to people, rivers, waterfalls, ancient sites etc

Recent uploads - France 4; Croatia 1 & 2; Sudan 1 & 2; Jordan 1 & 2; Belgium; Transdniestr; Moldova; Budapest; Romania; Czech Republic; Melilla & Ceuta; Gibraltar; Trans-Siberian; China Snow & Ice Festival; North Korea (5 pages)


Where else? The sand dunes of Namibia, the chaos of DR Congo/Congo?

-- In addition there's self-styled independent states such as Nagorno Karabakh, Abkhazia and South Ossetia and to a much lesser extent, and far less controversial, Seborga. And the former Soviet states have plenty of anomalies - Shakhimardan and Vorukh (bits of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in Kyrgyzstan), Kaliningrad (Russia surrounded by Lithuania and Poland) and Nakhchivan to name a few. I've been to Transdniestr but plenty more to see - if you know any more get in touch!


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Chagos exiles 'cannot return' - October 2008 court ruling - award-winning journalist John Pilger's article on the Chagos Islands

John Pilger - Stealing a Nation - documentary on the secret expelling of the Chagossian people by the British Government

John Pilger - War by Other Means - documentary on the payment of Third World debt to First World banks - find a travelling campanion (women only) - my webhoster, with whom I've had no problems




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