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Location - Southern Africa; Capital - Lusaka; Population - 12 million; Currency - Zambia Kwacha MORE ZAMBIA

Thoughts of top quality wildlife viewing and Victoria Falls lured me to Zambia and Malawi in March 2006.


zamnote The Zambian Kwacha

Don't assume that a note is fake if all the ink has washed out - it's the Victoria Falls effect..










zam1Lusaka's ubiquitous minibuses pass in front of the Freedom Statue $600 Bonus


zam2Coca Cola sellers stock up their ice-box trolleys in Lusaka




zam4The first glimpse of Victoria Falls is breathtaking
















zam5Victoria Falls are known locally as Mosi-oa-Tunya or 'The Smoke That Thunders'
















zam6You're guaranteed a soaking at this footbridge along Knife Edge Track, which lies opposite Victoria Falls


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zam7Victoria Falls are 108 metres high and stretch for 1.7kms



zam11Victoria Falls Bridge traverses the Zambezi river and links Zambia with Zimbabwe
















zam12David Livingstone was the first European to see Victoria Falls, in 1855, and named them after Queen Victoria



















zam13The eastern cataract of Victoria Falls spills into the gorge below



zam20Checking each other out - the walk down Boiling Pot Track to the Zambezi river, Victoria Falls



zam15Victoria Falls Bridge as seen from Boiling Pot Track
















zam16Victoria Falls Bridge, again from Boiling Pot Track
















zam19On the Zambezi river - the mist comes from Victoria Falls, hidden by a rock outcrop. Apparently it's possible to walk around the outcrop when the water volume is lower for a view of the falls



zam23A different view of Knife Edge Track footbridge - Victoria Falls



zam24Victoria Falls are stunning, and when combined with all the other activities in the area, are worth a trip to Zambia on their own
















zam25Mosi-oa-Tunya - Victoria Falls

My YouTube video



















zam26The sun pierces the clouds of mist at Victoria Falls



zam27Victoria Falls



zam29The streets of Livingstone, Zambia's nearest town to the waterfalls
















zam30Mosi-oa-Tunya Road is the main street in Livingstone















zam39The grounds of Fawlty Towers, a backpacker hostel in Livingstone



zam31Booze cruise down the Zambezi river, near Livingstone















zam33Hippos wallow in the Zambezi river
















zam34Cruising down the Zambezi river



zam35The boat gets close to an elephant on the banks of the Zambezi river



zam37The booze starts to take effect - Zambezi river. Yes I have forgotten your names - get in touch..
















zam36The sun sets on the Zambezi river
















zam42Helicopter flight to the Victoria Falls



zam44The path of the Zambezi river and gorge is clear from above - Victoria Falls



zam45If you can afford it a helicopter flight is superb - Victoria Falls















zam46Victoria Falls is 1.7kms wide

My YouTube video
















zam48Victoria Falls Bridge is in the bottom left corner - Zimbabwe is on the left and Zambia on the right



zam49The Knife Edge Track footbridge, Victoria Falls



zam50Victoria Falls plunges 108 metres
















zam51Victoria Falls helicopter flight

















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